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Service Week for our Wireline shop

Week 3 was “Service week” in our wireline shop.

In week three, our wireline team in Celle had a lot to do with four “old friends”. Following jobs were done:

– Immediate repairs
– General 10.000 operating hours overhaul
– Winch panel repair incl. technical data acquisition update
– Pressure control panel re-certification and technical update

It was a pleasure for us to work for our long term wireline clients.

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Wireline Units


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Wireline Unit delivered to a client in Germany

In the end of November, our Wireline team from Celle finished a 6.0M Wireline Truck for “Schulze Druckmessungen” in Germany.
  • Single drum Wireline winch
  • High performance closed loop hydraulic drive
  • Straight line counterhead
  • Digital winch operator panel
  • Surface logging equipment 19” computer rack
  • Center tool rack for
  • Grease injection pump
  • Stuffing box pump
  • 12 kVA integrated hydraulic driven generator
  • Air Condition
  • Rig energy supply connection
  • Chassis: MAN TGL 12.250 (12 tons mgw, 250 hp)
The main purpose of the unit will be cased hole wireline service with single conductor cable for high definition down hole pressure measurements mainly in Western Europe.
The final acceptance test was performed at one test well near Celle, in Germany.
The unit is designed for cable jobs up to 1/4 in cable and is driven by a closed loop hydraulic drive via the truck engine power take off.
To see the video, please check it on our Youtube channel:
Wireline Unit designed for Pressure Measurements

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