GOES Wireline 5 years Anniversary

5 Years Anniversary for our Slickline/Wireline department

The GOES Wireline Team is looking back on a successful and diversified year: Besides numerous unit deliveries and services done, we launched our own measuring system with 2 types of measuring heads: GM 16 and GM 20 as well as the GO-HMS Winchman’s panel.

Also our fully hashtagelectric hashtagwinch drive system is continuously writing its success story and has been implemented in various units all over the world.

Moreover, hashtagGOES hashtagWireline celebrated this year its 5th anniversary with 75 GOES hashtagSlickline/ hashtagWireline Units in the field!

We would like, therefore, to thank all our customers for their trust and the fruitful cooperation within these 5 years and we are looking forward for more years to come and plenty new units to be delivered.

Stayed tuned about our new developments and product launches next year – we planned some innovations for you!
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Wireline Units

Wireline Mast Refurbishment made in Europe

Wireline mast refurbisment


During the last weeks, our team in Celle made a major overhaul and recertification of an Elmar 80 ft #wireline Mast.
These major overhaul included following main steps:
–  Disassembly of the entire mast and substructure
–  Sandblasting of the main components
–  Nondestructive welding inspection
–  Welding repairs, where required
–  #Offshore frame overload lifting test, witnessed by third party
–  Coating
–  Assembly
–  Replacement of all hydraulic hoses and damaged components
–  Replacement of ropes, sheaves, lifting set and guy wires plus tirfors
–  Mast and #winch overload tests witnessed by third party
–  Third party certificate for Offshore Containers according ISO 10855
–  Third party certificate of test and thorough examination of Lifting Appliances
Last week the Wireline Mast was transported to our Client, InWaTec Combined B.V. in Emmen. On Wednesday, our training team taught 16 operators from InWaTec B.V. to operate this mast.
Thanks a lot to #InWaTec B.V. for this project, and we wish always safe jobs with this beauty!

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Wireline Units


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Wireline Units

Service Week for our Wireline shop

Week 3 was “Service week” in our wireline shop.

In week three, our wireline team in Celle had a lot to do with four “old friends”. Following jobs were done:

– Immediate repairs
– General 10.000 operating hours overhaul
– Winch panel repair incl. technical data acquisition update
– Pressure control panel re-certification and technical update

It was a pleasure for us to work for our long term wireline clients.

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Wireline Units

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Wireline Truck Unit Electric Winch

Wireline Hybrid Truck Unit

Recently GOES’ first Wireline Hybrid Truck performed its first Job. The unit can work emission-free on the wellsite.

 We designed in cooperation with our Customer “Well Services Group” and manufactured a very nice unit with a very unique and revolutionary drive system:

 The wireline winch is powered by the field-proven GOES electric 400 V DC winch drive in combination with a Lithium Iron Battery. This battery type shows very good properties in regards to safety (no danger of fire and explosion caused by internal or external damages) and its general behavior.

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Special Units

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