GOES Wireline 5 years Anniversary

5 Years Anniversary for our Slickline/Wireline department

The GOES Wireline Team is looking back on a successful and diversified year: Besides numerous unit deliveries and services done, we launched our own measuring system with 2 types of measuring heads: GM 16 and GM 20 as well as the GO-HMS Winchman’s panel.

Also our fully hashtagelectric hashtagwinch drive system is continuously writing its success story and has been implemented in various units all over the world.

Moreover, hashtagGOES hashtagWireline celebrated this year its 5th anniversary with 75 GOES hashtagSlickline/ hashtagWireline Units in the field!

We would like, therefore, to thank all our customers for their trust and the fruitful cooperation within these 5 years and we are looking forward for more years to come and plenty new units to be delivered.

Stayed tuned about our new developments and product launches next year – we planned some innovations for you!
For more information related to the Wireline units, please visit the following page:

Wireline Units


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Electric-Driven Slickline units for Storengy

In July we delivered two electric-driven Slickline Units for our customer Storengy out of France.
These dual-drum Units are designed and manufactured to work with wires up to 0.160”.
The drums can carry more than 25.000 ft Slickline wire.
Our winch is driven by an electric high-performance system which can be powered by an onboard Caterpillar diesel generator or an external power supply (grid).
The spacious three section layout splits the unit into winch , operator and power pack areas. In the winch compartment  also a PCE storage and tool racks (add. tool rack in double floor) are installed. PCE Controls and a decent workshop are in the operator cabin.  
We appreciate the business and wish our client always safe and successful jobs.
For more information related to the Wireline units, please visit the following page:

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Offshore Europe 2023 in Aberdeen

Offshore Europe 2023 in Aberdeen
It´s time to come together again!
We invite you to join us at Offshore Europe 2023 in Aberdeen, UK.
As an exhibitor, we look forward to meeting you at our stand 1X10A.
We are going to launch our latest innovation.
Feel free to meet us and to discuss your individual and specific equipment needs and requirements, or just say hello.

For a free access please print your own visitor badge : I want a free Visitor Badge

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Slickline and Wireline Crane Units

Slickline and Wireline Crane unit
Slickline and Wireline Crane units for SOSCO – الصحاري Oman:
Two new #slickline and #wireline #crane units from our team in Celle were shipped to the beautiful country of #Oman.
Our customer, SOSCO – الصحاري, is using the units for Slickline and E-Line applications.
– Dual drum Slickline/Wireline winch
– High performance closed loop hydraulic drive
– 16” counterhead for up to 0.125 slickline wire and 1/4” braided line or monoconductor cable
– Turnable cabin
– Integrated #pressure #control #equipment control panel
– Digital winch #operator panel
– PCE test unit with chart recorder, pre-fill pump, 500 l stainless steel tank and 10K high pressure pump
– Manitex 101 ft telescope crane
– Chassis: #MAN TGS 33.360 (33 tons mgw, 360 hp)

For more information related to the Wireline units, please visit the following page:

Wireline Units

SOSCO Oman ordered Slickline and Wireline Units
To see the video, please check it on our Youtube channel:
Slickline and Wireline Crane Units

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Wireline Crane Truck - Dual drum Slickline and Wireline winch

Wireline Crane Unit – Ready to go!

A new member of the GOES’ Slickline and Wireline Family is ready for shipment.
Our team in Celle finished has just finished to build a power pack driven Wireline crane truck with final destination in Middle East.
  • Dual drum Slickline and Wireline winch (slickline and cased hole logging combi winch)
  • Closed loop hydraulic winch drive by Diesel power pack
  • 20“ counter head with hydraulic load cell
  • Digital winch operator panel with job data logger
  • Digital BU depth panel
  • Power pack status panel
  • Integrated PCE control panel
  • Integrated grease injection unit with screw-type high volume compressor
  • +60° C heavy duty Air Condition (hydraulic drive)
  • Manitex 26 USton telescope crane with 101 ft boom
  • Mercedes Arocs 8 x 4 truck chassis with 360 HP
The dual drum wireline winch with 20” counter head and the integrated crane are powered by a rig safe 136 hp Caterpillar diesel engine with overspeed shut down, spark arrestor, anti-static fan and  belts and a gas detector on the air intake.
The truck has an integrated pressure control equipment hydraulic panel and grease pumps with a high volume screw type compressor for Braided and E-Line operations. PCE pressure tests can be performed with a high-pressure test unit with an 1.000 l stainless steel tank.

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