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Nitrogen Pumping Units

Non-fired liquid nitrogen units are equipped with a non-fired vaporizer system.
The nitrogen pumping units are available as skid, trailer or truck mounted package. Dependent upon customer specific needs, the diesel engine is determined by amount of horsepower needed.
The diesel engine is used to drive the hydraulic system and in turn, the unit utilizes the waste heat from engine the coolant system and hydraulic oil circuits to vaporize liquid nitrogen.
Designs are available with flow rates of up to 270K SCFH at max. pressures of 15,000 psi.



This Unit incorporates a Nitrogen Pumping System capable of pumping high pressure gas at rates of up to 180,000 SCFH/85m3/min and at pressures of up to 10,000 PSI/69 mPa. This Nitrogen Pumping System connects to a single 3,000 gallon (11.36 M3) liquid nitrogen tank that will be installed at the rear of the Trailer.
The nitrogen side of the Unit is powered by a CAT C15 Diesel Engine rated at a maximum of 540 @ 2100 RPM. The Unit is equipped with a cryogenic centrifugal boost pump, cryogenic high pressure Triplex Pump, non-fired vaporizer system and other components.
All of the hydraulically driven components are powered from the Unit mounted Diesel Engine. During normal operation, liquid nitrogen flows from the cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage tank through the centrifugal boost pump (where suction pressure is boosted) to the Triplex Pump, where it is pressurized by reciprocating pistons to downstream pressure.
The high pressure liquid then flows through the non-fired nitrogen vaporizer system absorbing a sufficient amount of heat to raise the gaseous nitrogen discharge temperature to 15 to 21 Deg C (60 to 70 Deg F) and flows out to a discharge valve as high pressure gas at rates of up to 180,000 SCFH/85m3/min and at pressures of up to 10,000 PSI/69 mPa. This Unit may be controlled locally from the Control Console installed in a Unit mounted Control Cabin.
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