Support Pumping Unit Skid Mounted

GOES Mud pumps are designed for Maximum Mobility.

  • Skid Mounted
  • Diesel deck engine / various HP ratings
  • Various transmissions
  • High pressure triplex or quintuplex pumps
  • Radiator complete with hydraulic thermostatically controlled fan
  • Built to European standards (optional)
  • CE Conformity (optional)
  • DNV certified (optional)
  • Remote control for added safety and communication (optional)
  • Hydraulic, electric or air start
  • Electrical heating system powered by hydraulic generator (optional)
  • Engine pre-heaters for extreme conditions
  • Over-pressure safety device
  • Suction manifold suitable for CO2 Service
  • Various pump manifold configurations
  • Suction or discharge dampener
  • Various options for fuel capacity
  • Various sized tanks

GOES GmbH - MUD PUMPS Manufacturer

  • Support of different types of well service interventions and drilling for high pressure pumping or fluid circulation
  • Used for high pressure liquid carbon dioxide pumping, acidizing, cementing operations, pressure testing, etc.
  • Utilized for extreme climates from arctic to desert and tropical conditions.

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