Slickline and Wireline Crane Units

Slickline and Wireline Crane unit
Slickline and Wireline Crane units for SOSCO – الصحاري Oman:
Two new #slickline and #wireline #crane units from our team in Celle were shipped to the beautiful country of #Oman.
Our customer, SOSCO – الصحاري, is using the units for Slickline and E-Line applications.
– Dual drum Slickline/Wireline winch
– High performance closed loop hydraulic drive
– 16” counterhead for up to 0.125 slickline wire and 1/4” braided line or monoconductor cable
– Turnable cabin
– Integrated #pressure #control #equipment control panel
– Digital winch #operator panel
– PCE test unit with chart recorder, pre-fill pump, 500 l stainless steel tank and 10K high pressure pump
– Manitex 101 ft telescope crane
– Chassis: #MAN TGS 33.360 (33 tons mgw, 360 hp)

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Wireline Units

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Slickline and Wireline Crane Units


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Wireline Crane Truck - Dual drum Slickline and Wireline winch

Wireline Crane Unit – Ready to go!

A new member of the GOES’ Slickline and Wireline Family is ready for shipment.
Our team in Celle finished has just finished to build a power pack driven Wireline crane truck with final destination in Middle East.
  • Dual drum Slickline and Wireline winch (slickline and cased hole logging combi winch)
  • Closed loop hydraulic winch drive by Diesel power pack
  • 20“ counter head with hydraulic load cell
  • Digital winch operator panel with job data logger
  • Digital BU depth panel
  • Power pack status panel
  • Integrated PCE control panel
  • Integrated grease injection unit with screw-type high volume compressor
  • +60° C heavy duty Air Condition (hydraulic drive)
  • Manitex 26 USton telescope crane with 101 ft boom
  • Mercedes Arocs 8 x 4 truck chassis with 360 HP
The dual drum wireline winch with 20” counter head and the integrated crane are powered by a rig safe 136 hp Caterpillar diesel engine with overspeed shut down, spark arrestor, anti-static fan and  belts and a gas detector on the air intake.
The truck has an integrated pressure control equipment hydraulic panel and grease pumps with a high volume screw type compressor for Braided and E-Line operations. PCE pressure tests can be performed with a high-pressure test unit with an 1.000 l stainless steel tank.

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