Wireline Units can be manufactured in various configurations, therefore there not a standard way to categorize them. For example, Wireline Combi Units can be used as well for Slickline only, it depends on client request.
All our Slickline Units can run drums with 700mm outer diameter and because of this, one can categorize them as Slickline units, while one another can categorize them as Cased Hole Logging Units for up to 1/4″ cable.

Wireline hybrid truck

The wireline winch is powered by the field-proven GOES electric 400 V DC winch drive in combination with a Lithium Iron Battery. This battery type shows very good properties in regards to safety (no danger of fire and explosion caused by internal or external damages) and its general behavior.
The unit can be run by:
  • Battery power, only
  • Battery power + grid battery charger as a primary range extender
  • Battery Power + truck driven 38 kVA generator as a secondary range extender
  • Truck driven 38 kVA generator, only, as backup
These four drive opportunities give all possibilities to run the unit efficient and carbon neutral. All in-hole-runs charge the battery. The system configuration is very maintenance friendly and will reduce maintenance cost.
  • Dual drum Slickline and Wireline winch (slickline and cased hole logging combi winch)
  • Electric and diesel driven range extender
  • 20“ counter head
  • Digital winch operator panel with integrated unit status information
  • Integrated PCE control panel with 400 V DC hydraulic power unit
  • 8 kVA 400 V DC / 230V AC inverter
  • Air Condition
  • Integrated workshop
  • Rig energy electric connection
  • Separate restroom area incl. water closet
  • New generation MAN TGX truck chassis with 420 HP and steerable rear axle for small locations


  • Electric driven Wireline units for our client and partner, OMV Petrom
  • 4,5 M body on MAN TGM Euro 6 clean exhaust chassis
  • 4×4 all-wheel offroad drive
  • 230 V AC internal power grid via electric drive or rig supply
  • Grounding cable reel
  • Sliding roof for simple drum access and comfortable view
No. 1
  • Winch operator’s console
  • Counterhead, Truck and winch controls
  • Different winch control sensitivities
  • Hydraulic backup tension gauge
  • Electric (battery supply)
  • Engineers desk
  • Microwave an coffee maker
  • Electric main cabinet
No. 2
  • Single drum winch for Slickline and E-Line jobs up to 0.125 slickline wire or ¼ cable
  • 16” counterhead
  • Mechanical or electrical spooling
  • Lubricator racks

There if a video available for this unit on YouTube. Please check if there : 

Single Drum Wireline Unit

No. 3
  • Electric high performance winch drive by truck PTO (prepared for Battery supply for diesel engine free operation)
  • 400 V DC system
  • Water cooling circuit for Electric components
  • Chain drive to drum (same drum mount like hydraulic units)


Our Wireline team from Celle finished the second Diesel- electric driven Slickline unit for OMV Petrom. The unit was tested together with the OMV Slickline and Wireline Team from Gänserndorf and the team was very impressed.
After commissioning of a compact truck mounted unit OMV received a trailer mounted version now. For the stand alone capability the fifth wheel truck is equipped with a Palfinger crane and the trailer axle is steerable
  • Single drum Slickline and Wireline winch
  • High performance and very compact Diesel-electric winch drive
  • Slickline 16“ counter head
  • Digital winch operator panel
  • 96 kW Caterpillar C4.4 diesel engine
  • Integrated workshop
  • Wireline Valve and Lubricator basket
  • 5 kVA 400 V DC / 230V AC inverter
  • Air Condition
  • Rig energy supply connection
  • Truck: Heavy duty MAN 4×4 AWD with Palfinger PK 14002-EH hydraulic crane (800 kg @ 10m radius)


In July we delivered two electric-driven Slickline Units for our customer Storengy out of France.
These dual-drum Units are designed and manufactured to work with wires up to 0.160”.
The drums can carry more than 25.000 ft Slickline wire.
Our winch is driven by an electric high-performance system which can be powered by an onboard Caterpillar diesel generator or an external power supply (grid).
The spacious three section layout splits the unit into winch , operator and power pack areas. In the winch compartment  also a PCE storage and tool racks (add. tool rack in double floor) are installed. PCE Controls and a decent workshop are in the operator cabin.  
We appreciate the business and wish our client always safe and successful jobs.


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