Coiled Tubing Unit - Manufactured for Desert Conditions

We have recently delivered to its new owner this massive Coiled Tubing Unit built on a modified Mercedes Benz Arocs chassis, with an overall dimension of 15m x 2,55m x 4,3m.

It can accommodate up to 7200m (23622 ft) 1,5” Coil, it has 16R20 single tires and the load per axle is up to 13t.

This unit was manufactured especially for rough terrain and desert.

 If you as well are in need of a customized Coiled Tubing Unit (or any other Oilfield Equipment), you know now whom to contact!

We have created a video about this Coiled Tubing Unit and it can be seen here : Coiled Tubing Unit manufactured by GOES GmbH for rough terrain and desert

For more information related to the Coiled Tubing units, please visit the following page:

Coiled Tubing


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